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Wild and primitive beets in Greece (Peloponnesus), 1981

Collectors: H. Cortessi, R. Denton and Th.S. de Bock


This mission was carried out within the scope of a joint programme of IBPGR and IIRB and took place between 10 June and 30 June 1981. The intention was to investigate the Peloponnesus on the occurrence of wild and primitive Beta-forms.
The collectors sampled 28 samples of B.maritima populations, 15 samples of primitive forms of red- and leaf-beets and 18 samples of locally multiplied varieties and mixtures of primitive forms bought in seed-shops.

The only information we could find about this mission was the expedition report which is available below. We could not trace any material, that was collected during this mission, in the CGN documentation system.



Some of the collected material might be available from the German genebank at IPK.