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Beet, Allium and Lettuce in Turkey, 1990

Collectors: E. de Meijer, A. Tan, R. Apti, J. van de Vooren, C. Sabanci


The mission to Turkey was a joint project between CGN and the Plant Genetic Resources Research Institute (PGRRI). This institute, established in Menemen, province Izmir has a national responsibility for collection and conservation of germplasm of a wide range of crops and related species. For PGRRI the expedition was part of the regular annual schedule of collection activities. The expedition was financed by the German-Dutch Board for Plant Genetic Resources, the PGRRI provided the planning of the journey and facilities like cars and drivers, seed cleaning etc.

In 'Documents' you will find the report of the mission and a list of all samples collected during the expedition.


In the list of collected samples the "COLLECTION NO" (date and site and sequential number) correspond with the field "COLLNUMB" in the Excel list.

Collecting forms

-Regular forms: the handwritten number on the top right of the forms correspond with the field "RNR" in the Excel list.
-Turkish forms: the date + site + sequence number correspond with the field "COLLNUMB" in the Excel list.