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Beet, Lettuce and Allium in Armenia and Dagestan, 1990

Collectors: Burenin, Seiler and Frese


In 1989 an agreement on a three years cooperative programme between the Vavilov Institute in Leningrad and the Centre for Genetic Resources in Wageningen was signed. Both partner institutes agreed to cooperate in the field of agricultural science for the their mutual benefit. The plant exploration in Armenia and Dagestan was the first joint activity.
The objectives of the mission were (1) to collect germplasm of the genus Beta, Lactuca, Allium and Brassica, (2) to collect detailed passport and ecogeographical data and (3) to explore the difficulties confined to expeditions in remote areas of the southern USSR.

In 'Documents' you will find the expeditions report. Only a few collecting forms used during this expedition could be found, but the expedition report contains a list of collected germplasm.


The collecting numbers in the report and in the Excel list do match. Internal report: