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Lowland vegetables in Indonesia, 1987

Collectors: Q.P. van der Meer a.o.


In the framework of the project "Research and Development in Lowland Vegetables in Indonesia" (ATA-395), several missions were carried out in order to inventorize and collect landraces and varieties of lowland vegetables in Indonesia.

The aims of the project were to establish:

Not all collected samples originate from Indonesia. Seed samples bought on market places also origin from Thailand, Phillipines and Taiwan.

Many of the collected germplasm has been sent as duplicate to AVRDC, Taiwan and might be be available from their genebank collection. A lot of samples were also donated to East West Seeds in Indonesia; a breeding company that was in the start-up phase at that time. They successfully included some material in their breeding program. All germplasm that remained in Lembang (Indonesia) was lost.
All collected shallot clones (local and imported) got lost also, but these varieties are still used by local farmers. A lot of research has been done on those shallot clones. (comm. pers.)
Below you can find some references to this work.

Although there are probably a lot of survey reports and collection forms, we could only find two collection reports and some copies of Brassica collection forms. The six digit, upper right, number on the Brassica collection forms are linked to the column "RNR" of the data in the excel list. In the reports we could find only one reference to material in the CGN collection; namely cucumber collecting number LV 1100 (CGN23430).