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Andean cultivated potatoes in Peru, 1955

Collectors: H.J. Toxopeus and C.M. Ochoa


This mission was sponsored by the Dutch government and yielded 560 clones of Group Andigena, 113 of Group Stenotomum, 21 of Solanum juzepczukii and 17 of S. curtilobum. The aim of this collecting expedition was to collect cultivated South American potato clones with resistance to Heterodera rostochiensis (golden nematode). A part was lost because tubers were accidently removed from the cold storage room (see letter below). Another part could not be transformed into true seed and was lost due to virus infections. See also the WAC inventory 1971.

In 'Documents' you will find the report of this expedition (in Dutch). It also describes the collaboration with Ir. Carlos Ochoa, who was stationed in the town Huancayo (3600 m). He maintained a large collection of native Andean potato varieties and had bred some new varieties.
Collecting forms are not available. Some of the collected accessions are in the CGN collection. 20 samples are 'available' for distribution, another 74 samples were not included (yet), but there is some documentation available on the material. The downloadable file in 'material' contains the details.