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Different crops in Pakistan (Baluchistan), 1981

Collectors: N.I. Hashmi, L.J.M. van Soest, A.R. Rao, M. Mesken, A. Zahoor


In the period before 1981 some plant collecting expeditions have been organised in Pakistan. However, the province of Baluchistan has not been included in these exploration efforts. The major objectives of this expedition can be summarised as follows: The expedition was organized by the Plant Genetic Resources/Plant Introduction Division of the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), Islamabad, Pakistan and the Foundation of Agricultural Plant Breeding (SVP), Wageningen, The Netherlands.
The financial support was provided mainly by IBPGR Rome. From the Pakistani side the organization was in the hands of Dr. N.I. Hashmi whereas Ir. M. Mesken was the Dutch coordinator of the project.


Collecting forms

The collecting forms are ordered by site. One page might contain multiple samples that were collected at that site. The collecting number of the samples in our documentation consist of the site number (at the top right of each page) followed by the sequence number of the collected sample.