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Wild potatoes in Guatemala, 1995

Collectors: D.M. Spooner, R. Hoekstra, V. Martínez and R.G. van den Berg


From September 11 to November 5, 1995, a collaborative collecting expedition was organised by Guatemala, the United States and the Netherlands to collect wild potato germplasm in Guatemala and gather field data for taxonomic studies on Solanum agrimonifolium, S. bulbocastanum, S. clarum, S. demissum, and S. morelliforme. The 43 true seed and one tuber collection nearly quadrupled the available wild potato germplasm for Guatemala.

In 'Documents' you will find the report of this expedition. Collecting forms have not been used, the collecting data were stored on a laptop. Longitude & latitude were recorded by GPS, altitude by an altimeter. Lon/Lat data suffer some inaccuracy, due to deliberate changes by the US military, equivalent to about 100 meters of distance. This "Selective Availability" was turned off in 2000.