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Wild and cultivated potatoes in Peru, Bolivia and Argentinia, 1974

Collectors: J.G. Hawkes, K.A. Okada, J.G.Th. Hermsen and A.M. van Harten


We have found hardly any original documentation (reports, collection forms) of this mission. In 'Documents' you'll find the register of samples from the 1974 mission. According to Hermsen, the mission collected 2201 tuber and 414 seed samples of cultivated species as well as 211 samples of 24 wild species, from which 60 only as tubers. The Registry list contains 863-31=832 potato samples. The tubers were left in the country of origin to be transferred into true seed and sent to Wageningen later. Many true seed samples from farmers fields have not been used, because they probably contain a mixture of varieties. The mission was financially supported by the "Bintje fonds".

Currently 64 accessions have reached the CGN collection and are available, another 64 samples are still waiting for approval to enter the collection. 'Documents' also contains a discussion paper (in German) on which cultivated material to include in the BGRC collection. 'Articles' reports on the mission (in Dutch). The Excel file in 'Material' gives passport information of the samples/accessions at CGN.

Funded by the Royal Society of London, David Astley from Birmingham University collected at the same time wild species in Bolivia, from which 29 samples were included in the CGN collection. Under 'Documents' you'll find a list of the collected samples.