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Beet, Euphorbia and Eruca in Spain, 1989

Collectors: Frese and de Meijer


From May 13 to 27 1989 a trip was made through the South-East of Spain in order to collect seeds of Euphorbia lagascae. This species was interesting because of an oil component of the seeds that could be used to make paint more environmentally friendly. Since it appeared impossible to obtain seed samples through the usual channels (e.g. botanical gardens), a collecting expedition to the area of origin was organised.
In line with the procedures of CGN (at that time) the mission became a multicrop mission and besides E. lagascae, also Beta sp. and Eruca vesicaria were collected. Contact with local botanists was made, which resulted in an inventory of potential collecting sites, and assistance during the trip.

In 'Documents' you will find the report of the mission, which is written in Dutch. The collecting forms used during this mission have been lost, but transcripts of these forms are included in the report.
-For beet, the "CGN RECEIPTNR." in the transcripts correspond with the "RNR" field in the excel sheet.
-Euphorbia and Eruca where documented in a separate database at that time (PCC9sys). In this case the "CGN RECEIPTNR." in the transcripts correspond with the "ONR" field in the excel sheet

The map on the right and the KMZ-file do not display the Euphorbia and Eruca because these samples are not documented in our production database on which we run the scripts that produce the KMZ-files!

If you want more information about this mission please contact us.